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Our Board of Directors

Meet the dedicated individuals at the helm of the Aldo Leopold Foundation, our Board of Directors. Each member brings a unique blend of passion, expertise, and commitment to stewardship, guiding our mission to foster a land ethic.

Current Board of Directors

Past Board Members

The Aldo Leopold Foundation would like to express its sincere gratitude to these former directors and board members for their active participation in the leadership of the foundation. These individuals generously shared their time, talent and treasures with the foundation to act in the best interest of the organization. Thank you for what you did to make the Aldo Leopold Foundation’s mission and vision of a land ethic possible!

Alan Anderson (1990–2002)
Bob Morrison (2011–2017)
Carl Leopold (Founder 1982–2008)
Carol Skonicka (2004–2009)
Carrie Nelson (1983–1990)
Chas Bradley (1997–2000)
Clare Kazanski (2020–2023)
Claude Kazanski (1991–1992)
David Moore (2022–2024)
David Orr (2002–2008)
Drew Lanham (2012–2018)
Estella Leopold (Founder 1982–2024)
Forrest Hartmann (2005–2011)
Francis Pandolfi (2003–2006)
Gene Likens (1996–2006, 2008–2014, 2016–2017)
George Archibald (1996–2000)
George Nolte (2008–2015)
Gordon Stevenson (1990–2002)
Hilda Diaz-Soltero (2003–2005)
Holly D'Annunzio (2015–2021)
Jeanette Leehr (2014–2022)
Jed Meunier (2013–2019)
Jerry Smith (1997–2006)
Jim Pines (2016–2022)
Joe Arington (2012–2021)
John Wright (2010–2016)
Karen Silseth (2014–2020)
Kim Blaeser (2016–2022)
Luna Leopold (Founder 1982–2005)
Madelyn Leopold (1993–1997)
Mike Dombeck (2001–2007)
Nina Bradley (Founder 1982–2011)
Nina Loeffel (1993–1995)
Paul Johnson (1998–2002)
Rett Nelson (2010–2017)
Richard Bartlett (2001–2007)
Ron Mattox (1996–1999)
Scott Larson (2000–2007)
Sharon Dunwoody (2012–2020)
Starker Leopold (Founder 1982–1983)
Steve Stricker (2021–2023)
Susan Leopold (1983–1988)
Sylvia Hood Washington (2005–2009)
Tom Boldt (2007–2014)
Tony Anella (2009–2015)
Trish Stevenson (1983–1990, 2007–2013)
William Weeks (2003–2008)