• Fellows study prairie grass species

    2018 Fellowships

    We’re seeking one Education and Outreach Fellow and two Land Stewardship Fellows to join our team. Applications due February 1st.

  • Leopold relaxing in chair with binoculars draped around neck

    A Life-Long Passion for Phenology

    Inspired by the world around him, Leopold began recording observations in his journals. Today he continues to inspire the field of Phenology.

  • Shack in winter.

    A Sense of Place

    Nina Leopold Bradley shared her deep attachment to the Shack and how it transformed her life.


Who was Aldo Leopold?

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What is a Land Ethic?

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Fellows tour prairie in summer bloom.

Building Future Leaders

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Fostering care of the land and community through the legacy of Aldo Leopold


Announcing the 2018 Phenology Calendar & New Matching Cards

It’s that time of year, the launch of the 2018 phenology calendar! An annual tradition over a decade old, this…

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My Eye-Opening Fellowship

“What do you do for the Aldo Leopold Foundation?” “What are some of the Aldo Leopold Foundation’s main focus areas?”…

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Leopold Week & Weekend

Leopold Week & Weekend 2018

Friday, March 2

Celebrate Leopold with your “thinking community” in person or online during Leopold Week and Weekend! The first weekend in March…

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