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Host a Screening

green-fire-insetSince its premiere in 2011, Green Fire has been shown at thousands of community screenings around the country and the world. Read on to learn how to host your own screening. You can also search our events calendar to find a screening near you.

How long is the film?

There are two versions: a 73-minute director’s cut and a 56-minute public television cut.

How do I get permission to show the film in my classroom or community?

You must purchase a public screening license to do this. All of our licensing goes through Bullfrog Films. To learn more and to purchase a public screening license, visit one of the links below.

Universities, schools, libraries, and other repeat licensees may either contact Bullfrog Films or purchase the DVD:

Buy the DVD

I would like to show Green Fire in my community, but my organization can’t afford the screening license.

While the screening license fee helps defray our costs in assisting you in showing Green Fire, we don’t want the fee to prevent community groups from bringing the film to audiences we might not otherwise reach. We have a limited number of free screening kits available. Please contact us for more information.

How can I publicize my screening?

We have templates of publicity materials available that you can modify to promote your event. Contact us if you’re interested in receiving these.

Also, let us help you spread the word by listing your screening in our events calendar.

How should I prepare for the screening?

See our technical tips (PDF) for advice on planning and hosting your screening. If you’d like to hold a discussion afterward, request our discussion guide, which offers ideas for creating dialog and questions organized by topic.

To learn more about leading discussions about Leopold, environmental issues, and the land ethic, check out our Land Ethic Leaders program.

What’s expected of me if I host a screening?

Please submit a report to Lauren Graves on the success of your event as a way to document the film’s impact and the growing reach of Leopold’s vision.

How do I get a copy of Green Fire for home viewing?

Visit our store, where DVDs for home viewing are available for purchase. The cost is $20 per DVD, plus shipping.