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Kysh Lindell

Marketing & Communications Associate

Born just outside of Denver, Colorado and raised by a family of Wisconsinites, I’ve spent my life exploring the natural world from peak to prairie. My interest in ecology and conservation stems from a life spent in close contact with the creatures and environments that make up the central U.S., whether fishing and splitting wood in the Northwoods or hiking and birdwatching in the Rockies. I recently graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in English and history. Both areas of study urged me to explore the profound and complex relationships between people and the environments they are part of, as well as creatively discuss those relationships through different mediums. I have a particular passion for exchanging environmental perspectives with the public, whether by conducting oral history interviews about early life on the Great Plains or simply chatting with fellow birders on the trail. I am thrilled to continue sharing my curiosity, fostering compassion for the natural world, and enacting a shared land ethic as a Marketing & Communications Associate at the Aldo Leopold Foundation!  

In my free time you’ll find me scouring flea markets and antique stores, wandering riverbanks, writing, fishing, birding, or listening to John Denver.