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Jennifer Sterling

Programs Manager

I am a lifelong devotee to the whispers of the wild and the wisdom of the earth. My journey began as a young child, running through puddles, climbing trees and marveling at all things wild and free. I translated my passion for nature into academic studies, starting at UW-Stevens Point, focusing on wildlife biology, and finishing at The Ohio State University, where I wove together the threads of Environmental Education and Environmental Philosophy, crafting a tapestry that would guide my life's work.

Shortly after graduation, I found myself amidst the ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest, serving as a wildlife biologist for the US Forest Service. There, I tracked the silent paths of elusive creatures and studied the lyrical songs of neotropical migratory birds, while coordinating biological surveys and environmental education outreach programs.

My path then led me to the serene beauty of Wisconsin as the Youth and Family Programs Manager at the magnificent Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison. In this position, I cultivated hands-on educational experiences where children of all ages could explore the wonders of plants and nature. Most recently, prior to joining the Aldo Leopold Foundation, I was a public school teacher. My years in public education deepened my love for guiding others, yet it was the call of environmental education and ethics that drew me back to my true passion. For this reason, I am excited to lend my expertise in managing the diverse educational and outreach programs at The Aldo Leopold Foundation.

In my free time, I dwell in harmony with my husband and a beloved menagerie of rescue animals, in a home filled with love and the sounds of nature. With three grown children and a heart full of adventures, I find joy in kayaking, hiking, bird watching, reading, writing, and creating art. Through each of these pursuits, I strive to inspire others to see the beauty and necessity of cherishing and protecting our natural world.