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Becky Duhr

Marketing and Communications Associate

I am fortunate to have formed an association between nature, health, and companionship while running on the women’s cross country team through La Crosse’s River Marsh and rolling Hixon Forest. Experiencing life alongside teammates under an accessible sky taught me the importance of making mental notes of tree roots and the value of being a good steward of myself, my environment, and my relationships.

While pursuing a B.S. in Marketing from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, I received an EOS film camera and had the opportunity to travel to a handful of places during the summer months including Denali National Park and Adirondack Mountains. The day hikes and travels soon revealed the fruits of our labor and while the whipping wind was persistent, I attempted to capture the beauty of the experience. It was later during the film development process that I noticed the photographs containing the seemingly secondary moments, including the intricate details of a lonesome wildflower, were just as inspirational and worthy of contemplation as the photographs containing highlights of grand, vast views.

These days, I often stick closer to home, hiking and playing outdoors with family, identifying wildflowers, and reading a good book. It is an honor for me to consider the ongoing connections between stewardship of our daily surroundings, our relationships, and ourselves as the Marketing and Communications Associate at the Aldo Leopold Foundation.