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Bennett Artman

Land Stewardship Fellow
An image of Bennett Artman

Being born in the mountains of Colorado, forming my earliest memories on walks to a small lake in Oneida Wisconsin, and coming of age on the shores of Lake Michigan, much of my life has led me to fostering a deep love and passion for the world around me, both human and nonhuman. My dream of perusing my own land ethic came to fruition in recent years while studying psychology and environmental studies at UW-Madison, where I learned of the teachings and practices of Aldo Leopold. After reading A Sand County Almanac for the first time, I became enthralled by the idea that my one precious life here on earth endows me with the opportunity to connect with and live amongst so many beautiful people, plants, animals, and ecosystems.  

In striving to do so, I found a love of reading and writing Environmental literature and poetry, hiking, biking, swimming, running, and skateboarding as all of these are wonderful tools for connecting with people and the planet. I became a certified Wisconsin Master Naturalist and have also enjoyed working with the Wisconsin Master Naturalists program and the UW-Madison Office of Sustainability during my time at UW. As an ALF Future Leader Fellow, I am excited to gain an acute knowledge of the Wisconsin ecosystems I love, meet those who cannot live without wild things, and grow as a person, a conservationist, and a member of the biotic community.