Other Ways to Give

Other ways to help sustain the Aldo Leopold Foundation’s work are donations of stocks and mutual funds, and charitable IRA (Individual Retirement Account) rollovers.

Stock Donations

If you are interested in donating stock, bonds, mutual fund shares, or other securities to the foundation, please notify us in advance by sending this completed form to Jennifer Anstett, Executive Coordinator, at janstett@aldoleopold.org.

NOTE: Donations of stock and mutual fund shares may not be able to be completed or post properly to our account if we don’t receive advanced notice of the donation. Also, for us to be able to identify and thank you as the donor, you must instruct your broker to specify your name in the transfer.

Charitable IRA Rollovers

The charitable IRA (Individual Retirement Account) rollover, or qualified charitable distribution (QCD), is a direct transfer of funds from a Traditional IRA account to a qualified charity, such as the Aldo Leopold Foundation. These charitable distributions can be excluded from your taxable income – and count toward your required minimum distribution – so long as certain rules are met.

Fulfillment of Required Minimum Distribution

Starting at age 70 ½, IRA owners must take an annual minimum distribution from their IRA account. These distributions are treated as ordinary income that is taxed at the IRA owner’s applicable income tax rate. The good news is that a charitable IRA rollover satisfies the minimum distribution requirements of an IRA, up to a cap of $100,000.

No Recognition of Income

The advantage of transferring funds directly from an IRA to a charity is that the IRA owner does not have to first recognize the gifted amount as gross income. The entire value of the donation is received by the charity. Because the contribution is never treated as income, the distribution doesn’t risk pushing taxpayers into higher tax brackets or reducing the amount of itemized deductions they can claim.

Note: To prevent a prohibited double-benefit, IRA owners who exclude a qualified charitable donation from gross income cannot claim a charitable income tax deduction, as well.

Limits on Donating from IRAs

The maximum distribution one can make from an IRA directly to a charity is $100,000. There is no income threshold or cutoff.

Donations must go “directly” from the IRA to the charity, but it is permissible for the donor to present the check, already made out to the charity, in person.


Talk with an Adviser

If you are thinking about including the Aldo Leopold Foundation in your giving plans, we encourage you to talk with a professional adviser to determine how best to contribute in light of your specific tax situation. When you talk with your adviser, the following information may be helpful.

Charitable contributions to the Aldo Leopold Foundation should be directed to:

The Aldo Leopold Foundation
E13701 Levee Road
Baraboo, WI 53913
Phone: 608-355-0279

Tax ID: 39-1423225
Established 1982


For additional information on these or any other giving options, please contact Deb Nieuwenhuis, deb@aldoleopold.org| 608.355.0279 ext. 270