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Will You Sow Seeds for Conservation's Future?

As 2021 ushers in fresh hope in our ability to forge ahead, we revel anew in the glow of your ongoing support–and look forward to another year of putting your investments to work benefitting the earth and all her relations. Together we have cultivated profound conservation growth, but to ensure the next generation still hears birdsong, steps into glorious prairie, and cools in the shade of old forest, we must continue to plant robust seeds.  

Your contribution is the germinating act that puts tomorrow in motion as we diligently work to protect, preserve, and share the inspirational Leopold Shack and Farm—the very birthplace of conservation ethics. Because of you, we succeed in our mission to establish and grow excellent learning programs that equip and inspire conservation leaders throughout the world. 

Please make a gift today, and in doing so, know that you’ll be progressing our world toward a healthier, restored tomorrow. Your one-time or monthly donation makes 2021 our time to grow together—onward, upward, and wildward!



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