Upcoming Hunt Workshops

Two men in camouflage standing in field

The Aldo Leopold Foundation hosts two trainings in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. These two workshops are unique in exploring the connection between conservation and hunting with an emphasis on how the activity shaped Aldo Leopold’s life and thinking. For many, including Leopold, hunting is an extension of their ethical relationship with the land and a way they choose to demonstrate their commitment to conservation.

Firearm Safety for Beginning Hunters

Saturday, September 7
Leopold Center, Baraboo, WI


Learn to Hunt Deer

Friday through Saturday, October 4 through 6
Leopold Center, Baraboo, WI


To locate more events across Wisconsin, visit the Wisconsin DNR site below.


Curious about hunting or new to the activity?

Why Hunt? cover imageWhy Hunt? A Guide for Lovers of Nature, Local Food, and Outdoor Recreation is for you. Offering practical advice and resources, the guide also examines hunting through the lens of conservation and profiles a handful of novice hunters with diverse backgrounds.