Giving Hunting a Shot

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An Event for New Hunters & the Hunting Curious

featuring Robyn Migliorini of 

Robyn Migliorini had never touched a gun or a bow before the age of 23. Hear her story and learn how a city-dwelling vegan taught herself to hunt.

Madison, WI on 9/19 and Stevens Point, WI on 9/20

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Robyn posing with her bow

“Coming to hunting as a city-dwelling, vegan backpacker may have seemed incongruous to some, but for me, hunting was a logical outgrowth of my philosophical approach toward food and my growing identity as an outdoorswoman. I wanted to eat meat again, but I didn’t want to outsource the job. I wanted not only to know how the steak got to my plate but also to take responsibility for the process. Hunting meant feeding myself, developing a more intimate relationship with the land, and supporting the critical conservation efforts that protect these wild places.”

Robyn and her husband created a website to share their experiences and fill a void she felt as she attempted to learn hunting and join a new community. Tailored toward new hunters and the “hunting curious,” strives to make learning to hunt more accessible through a combination of practical how-tos, philosophical essays, and storytelling. For more about Robyn, read her bio.

Lecture, Open House & Social

Giving Hunting a Shot will take place on two nights, Tuesday, September 19 in Madison, WI and Wednesday, September 20 in Stevens Point, WI. Both events will start with an open house for attendees to meet organizations and vendors offering training and resources on hunting. A social with refreshments will commence after Robyn’s talk, giving attendees an opportunity to reflect, discuss, and visit with organizations and vendors one last time.

Timeline of the Events

Madison     Stevens Point
5:30 pm        5:00 pm                   Open House
6:15 pm         5:45 pm                    Speaker
7:15 pm         6:45 pm                    Social
8:00 pm       8:00 pm                   Event Ends

Getting There

Madison – H.F. Deluca Forum in the Discovery Building, UW-Madison Campus (330 N. Orchard Street, map). Parking for the building is available in Lots 17, 20, and 80.

Stevens Point – Trainer Natural Resources Building, UW-Stevens Point Campus (800 Reserve Street, building 12 on the map). Parking UPDATED: Metered parking is available; see the map. The open house and social will take place in the lobby; the talk will be located in room 120.

Special Gift

All attendees will receive a free copy of Why Hunt? A Guide for Lovers of Nature, Local Food, and Outdoor Recreation due to print this fall. Copies will be mailed to attendees providing a valid postal address.

Why Hunt? A Guide for Lovers of Nature, Local Food, and Outdoor Recreation

Cover image of Why Hunt guideA publication of the Aldo Leopold Foundation with support from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Bast Durbin Advertising along with several other conservation organizations and businesses, the guide is a must-read for anyone who has an interest in conservation. Explore the ecological, economic, and social benefits of hunting through the lens of conservation. Discover ways you can personally expand and demonstrate your connection to nature and your commitment to conservation through hunting. This handbook features stories from new hunters sharing their pathways to hunting, as well as resources and opportunities for getting started. Whether you’re curious about hunting, new to it, or a current hunter looking for resources to share with family and friends to help explain your interest in hunting, this handbook is for you.

Sponsorship Opportunities

In the final stages of development and editing, there’s still time to support this effort with a sponsorship or business advertisement within the guide. For more information, click to view the media kit and opportunities. Contact Alanna Koshollek for more information or questions.


Interested to learn more about the guide or purchase a copy? Click to fill out the form. We’ll notify you when it’s published and ready for sale.


Feature photo, top, courtesy of Alanna Koshollek.