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Classes and Workshops

In A Sand County Almanac, Aldo Leopold set forth his most enduring ideal: the “land ethic,” a moral responsibility of humans to care for people and the land, and strengthen the connections between them.

With this in mind, the foundation’s classes and workshops are designed to increase participants’ ecological literacy, help them realize their own visions for conservation, and train them in practical, everyday methods of proper land care.

Land Ethic Leaders

Based in Leopold’s own teaching method, “observe, participate, reflect,” this two-day program prepares participants to connect wider audiences to Leopold’s land ethic, and helps them deepen their own understanding of this idea. Attendees come away with new relationships, tools, ideas, and facilitation skills for articulating their vision; bringing their values into action; and inspiring others to do the same.

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Land Care Classes

Since 1998, the Leopold Foundation has been helping people who are responsible for managing both public and private lands to learn practical skills and techniques in land care. Current offerings include chainsaw safety and an introduction to prescribed burning.

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