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The Aldo Leopold Foundation will be closed to the public for a private event on Saturday, September 30.

A Year of Impact, A Season of Hope

A Year of Impact

It’s been an incredible year, and we have YOU to thank!

The impacts you made possible this year injected motivation and hope, in stark contrast to challenges some communities faced – unprecedented floods, wildfires, and protests. We believe, and you have demonstrated, that a commitment to caring for the land is ever more important to heal both our natural and human communities.

Because of an engaged thinking community, (that’s YOU!), so much good happened in 2018! The land ethic entered the minds and hearts of even more people. Conservation-influenced management practices on the land happened across more acres. Hands-on field training prepared another cadre of future conservation leaders.

Here’s are the top 7 impacts you made possible this year – 

Leopold Week & Weekend engaged 2,300+ participants at events across 5 states and 1 province. Thousands more participated via daily challenges on social media.


Inspired nearly 6,000 visitors to the Leopold Center and the Shack with the history of Aldo Leopold and the land ethic.


The Future Leaders Center opened to host Leopold Fellows and special guests providing a more immersive experience in Leopold Country.


The Land Ethic Leaders program marked a milestone with its 50th session, now having “graduated” over 1,500 ambassadors for the land ethic.


Released Why Hunt? publication, bridging the gap between hunters & non-hunters through common conservation values; hosted award-winning author Lily Raff MacCalou to share her unorthodox pathway to hunting motivated by her values.


The return of a sedge of cranes, a sign of the healthy & hospitable habitat of the Leopold-Pine Island Important Bird Area; welcomed 400+ visitors to view and learn about them, their ties to Leopold, and the importance of ecological management.


Cared for 600 acres of ecologically diverse and important habitat in Leopold Country.


 – all fantastic reasons, thanks to you, we have hope for next year!

Thank you for being a part of this amazing thinking community! Your generosity and support of the land ethic are truly inspiring.

With gratitude and hope,

Your friends at the Aldo Leopold Foundation