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Suzanne Londeree

Suzanne Londeree bio pic

Education and Communication Fellow

When Suzanne is met with a fork in the road, she believes in choosing the option that will challenge her most to learn and grow, which tends to be the path less traveled. This approach has taken her from the Midwest, to the Pacific Northwest, to the Northeast, and back again. Originally from St. Louis, her connection to the land evolved from catching tadpoles on her grandparent’s property to an intense interest in sustainable agriculture to a passion for identifying trees. After high school, Suzanne ventured to Pullman, WA to attend college at Washington State University. In college, Suzanne dove head-first into leading and serving her community through hall government, student organizations, and projects with local non-profits. While she values all aspects of the highly interdisciplinary field of environmental science, education and policy are her favorite components. Suzanne is an avid reader and also loves dogs, hiking, cooking, classical music, mid-19th century paintings, and road trips.