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Lainet Garcia Rivera

USFWS Directorate Fellowship

I was raised and educated in Cuba and I spent part of my career there leading research in bat ecology and teaching conservation biology courses. I moved to Wisconsin in 2010 and have enjoyed exploring all the natural resources this state has to offer. My first job after moving to the United States was at the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee, teaching local residents about the importance of pollinators and nature in the city. This job really helped grow my awareness about Wisconsin’s wonderful flora and fauna. In 2018 I was employed by The Nature Conservancy to help develop their first Urban Conservation Program, in the city of Milwaukee.

I learned a great deal about how TNC works collaboratively with landowners to achieve their conservation goals and the different strategies used to ensure the preservation of ecosystems and ecosystem services. Working there was a wonderful experience! While working at The Nature Conservancy, I observed how spatial data analyses were used to assist and support decision-making processes in conservation. I found it all to be so fascinating that I enrolled in the Environmental Observation and Informatics (EOI) master’s program at the Nelson Institute. I hope to apply what I have learned in my master’s program to this fellowship with the Aldo Leopold Foundation and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.