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Kyra Lyons

Education and Communication Fellow

608-355-0279, ext. 31

As a fellow at the Aldo Leopold Foundation, Kyra is excited to find new ways to relay the idea of the land ethic to broad audiences. Throughout her college career, Kyra learned how important community-building is to a successful society and became more aware of land’s integral role in communities. Kyra’s excited to make connections at the Aldo Leopold Foundation, to continue to learn about and foster a land ethic, and to discover a common ground in which everyone can adopt their own land ethic. She hopes to engage what she has learned while earning Bachelor’s degrees in English & Film Studies at Trinity College to become a better educator and communicator in this role. Kyra is an Illinoisian with an affinity for Wisconsin’s nature, and grew up trekking through the Northwoods while her Grandpa taught her to identify various animal tracks. She’s excited to return to that nature and invite others to join her as she (virtually) welcomes visitors to the Aldo Leopold Foundation!