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Jennifer Simoni

Stewardship Associate

608-355-0279, ext. 32

I started working for the Leopold Foundation as a stewardship fellow in 2009. After spending three years helping manage and care for the property, I transitioned into my current position as Stewardship Associate. I devote most of time to a project called My Wisconsin Woods, where I help coordinate outreach efforts directed toward private forest landowners in Wisconsin. Our goal is to promote sustainable forest management by making information, resources, and professional help more easily available to landowners.

As a child, I enjoyed camping with my family, boating, and being outdoors. So it only seemed logical to pursue a career related to nature and the environment. After starting a degree in environmental science at the University of Illinois, Chicago, and finding it very difficult to study the environment among a sea of people and buildings, I transferred to University of Wisconsin-Madison to pursue a forestry degree. Before coming to the foundation, I worked as a forester for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest. Since joining the foundation, I’ve earned my master’s degree in natural resources policy and planning from UW-Stevens Point in 2012.

Working at the foundation has been an amazing experience, combining my love for the environment with my interest in helping other people love it, too.