The Aldo Leopold Foundation is closed to the public November – February.

Jennifer Anstett

Executive Coordinator

608-355-0279, ext. 23

My role as the Executive Coordinator provides me the opportunity to be involved in several aspects of the foundation. From coordinating and supporting functions of the foundation board and committees, managing processes related to human resources, to working with our site manager budgeting and prioritizing infrastructure projects.  Every day is different for me.

I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin where my parents owned and operated their own business. They instilled in me the importance of a good work ethic and the significance of customer service. That experience led me to seek education in business, and related work experiences. But nothing felt like the right fit until I landed here at the Aldo Leopold Foundation in 2006.

It’s inspiring to see how the foundation has changed and developed through the years. The foundation’s reach, and that of Leopold’s land ethic, has grown far and wide and continues to do so every day, thanks to our many supporters and partners. It’s a privilege to be a part of all that is happening here.