Jen Kobylecky

Director of Education

608-355-0279, ext. 27

As Director of Education at the foundation, I oversee all aspects of our education programming and communications. I’m proud to have been involved with creating programs like Land Ethic Leaders, the Green Fire film, and our biennial “Building a Land Ethic Conference.” It’s also an honor to help produce the Leopold Outlook magazine and bring stories to our website through the blog. My job is never boring – I work on everything from program development and evaluation to strategic planning, supervision of staff, and writing and editing. I have an undergraduate degree in mass communication from Illinois State University and a master’s degree in natural resources interpretation from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, though I constantly find opportunities to expand my education (ecological and otherwise) as a part of my work here.

One of my favorite things about working here is the opportunity to meet amazing and inspiring individuals. From the Leopold family to the many writers and scholars who come through our doors, I’m continually humbled by the company Leopold’s legacy allows us to keep. That said, I do think the most inspiring people I’ve met are not famous at all. They are everyday people who care deeply about both human and natural communities. They see all the healing and learning that needs to take place in both places, and they tirelessly take up the charge in myriad ways. They work in classrooms and in communities, and in cities and in wild places.

Their dedication is endless, and their reward is usually not in dollars but rather in less measurable dividends. As Aldo Leopold once asked, “do economists know about lupines?” I’m grateful to be a part of a growing community that sees the value of investing in conservation.