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Jeanette Leehr


Jeanette Leehr is currently working as a freelance writer, focused on food, health, and land ethics; agriculture; and international relations. Formerly, she was chair and president of Via International and served on its board for 15 years. Via, a community development organization, works in the US/Mexico border region to address community needs through nutrition and ecology training, community leadership education, microcredit lending, and voluntourism programs. Jeanette has founded and served on several other boards whose work relates to education, international understanding, diversity, and indigenous people in poverty.

Jeanette has been involved with the Aldo Leopold Foundation for more than a decade. Her involvement has increased greatly over the past few years as she devotes more time, energy, and attention to Midsummer Farm: the Sauk County organic farm, not far from the Shack, that she and her husband purchased from her father nearly two decades ago. Jeanette migrates between Florida, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.