Cassie Mordini

Cassie Mordini

Communications and Marketing Coordinator

(608) 355-0279, ext. 25

My goal as Communications and Marketing Coordinator is to connect people with the foundation’s mission and work through our various channels and mediums. I oversee communications planning, marketing strategies, content creation, and website management. I think of my role as both a megaphone amplifying the foundation’s reach, as well as an air traffic controller directing which message goes where and when for greatest impact.

With a B.A. in marketing and graphic design, I went on to work as a fundraiser for similar environmental organizations. Relevant, engaging communications and a strong brand awareness were key components that helped me raise funds for those organizations. The Aldo Leopold Foundation has a rich history that continues to inspire people locally and globally. It is my privilege to craft and place messages that continue to reach and inspire new audiences to advance Leopold’s vision of a land ethic.

Personally, it wasn’t until a naïve realization in my twenties did I understand that not every child grew up playing make believe and building forts in the woods like I did. Living a new urban lifestyle, it finally became apparent to me just how I lucky I was to have been raised in a wild place. I also realized there was a great need for all of us, young and old, to examine and understand our spot in nature. There is so much more we can do to cultivate our relationship with the land to better our collective health. Leopold’s words echo in my mind frequently, “Once you learn to read the land, I have no fear of what you will do to it, or with it. And I know many pleasant things it will do for you.” So I strive to keep taking steps in the right direction. And, along the way, it gives me great pleasure to continue this exploration with my young daughter, witnessing her excitement and knowing she’ll have that same love and respect for nature, too.