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The Aldo Leopold Foundation will be closed to the public for a private event on Saturday, September 30.

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New Leopold Foundation Book Bridges Gap Between Hunters and Non-hunters

In late May, the Aldo Leopold Foundation announced the release of its new publication, Why Hunt? A Guide for Lovers of Nature, Local Food, and Outdoor Recreation. A unique examination of hunting through the lens of conservation, the guide is meant for anyone with an interest in nature and its well-being.

Tovar Cerulli, well-known conservationist, vegan-turned-hunter, and author of The Mindful Carnivore, offered this praise, “An invaluable resource for the curious and the skeptical, this guide offers not only practical advice but also insight into why some of us choose to hunt…and why you may have more in common with us than you imagine.”

Why Hunt?  weaves together the ecological, economic, and social reasons as well as historical context from celebrated conservationist, and hunter, Aldo Leopold. A discussion of Leopold’s well-known idea the “land ethic” provides insight into the ways those who hunt develop a deep connection with the land. Several new hunters share their diverse, and sometimes alternative, pathways into hunting, challenging the mainstream stereotype of the “hunter” and providing inspiration for others interested in the activity.

While not a “how-to” guide, Why Hunt? does include basic information and considerations for getting started. Several resources are named for those interested in learning more about hunting.

As participation in hunting continues to decline in Wisconsin and nationally, the Aldo Leopold Foundation recognizes its unique position as a conservation non-profit, serving an audience of both hunters and non-hunters, to bring greater understanding, support, and participation to the activity. Buddy Huffaker, Executive Director of the Leopold Foundation explained, “Leopold outlined in the 1930s American Game Policy the need for hunters and non-hunters to work together for the sake of conservation. In that spirit, we hope this publication can serve as a catalyst bringing these sometimes mutually exclusive groups into conversation, together.”

With support from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Bast Durbin Advertising, and several conservation organizations and businesses, the guide is now available for sale ($10 each) online. Bulk order information is available on the product page or

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