Good Oak Society Grows by Six

On a recent, lovely autumn day at the Shack, the foundation welcomed six new members into the Good Oak Society. Each has pledged a portion of their future estate to the Aldo Leopold Foundation and the future of all things “natural, wild, and free.”

Their commitment to the present and future of the land ethic thrills us and we can never thank them adequately, but we welcome them with full hearts! Each were presented by executive director Buddy Huffaker with an oak-leaf-shaped wall plaque (created by site manager Arik Duhr) to recognize their membership.

John Rogner is a retired coordinator of the USFWS’s Upper Midwest and Great Lakes Landscape Conservation Cooperative. He led the Fish and Wildlife Service’s Chicago Ecological Services Field Office as field supervisor. He directed programs in endangered species conservation,
environmental contaminants, conservation planning assistance, habitat restoration and environmental education.
Sue Elston is retired chief of the wetlands planning unit of EPA Region 5.


Gail Luera is professor emeritus of education at the University of Michigan and an Leopold Education Program trained educator.
Rachel Apgar is a business intelligence analyst at the University of Michigan.


Conn and Shari have many personal connections to the Leopold land ethic. They have long cared about the environment, social justice, and how important it is to take care of each other and our land and waters. Their nephew, Buddy, is the foundation’s long time executive director. Ever since Buddy was a fellow, Conn and Shari have regularly attended ALF events and served as ambassadors for the foundation.

We welcome the newest Good Oaks!

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