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2019 Phenology Calendar: The Ecology of Phenology

It’s that time of year again! The Aldo Leopold Foundation is pleased to share the Leopold family’s legacy of keeping phenology records through the publication of the 2019 Wisconsin Phenology Calendar: The Ecology of Phenology!

2019 Wisconsin Phenology Calendar
$15 each | price includes shipping


An annual tradition over a decade old, this popular item continues to be one of the most sought-after offerings in our bookstore. Want to know when to expect the first robin each spring? Or when you might hear the first green frog calling nearby? This calendar shares average observation dates for many natural phenomena like these. Based on the Leopold family data as well as that of other natural resource professionals, the calendar is rooted in the Leopold family’s passion for the study of phenology.

Phenology is the study of the timing of seasonal events in nature. For Aldo Leopold, keeping phenological records was a way to maintain an intimate connection with nature and gain a sense of place. To the curious naturalist, these phenological records are also indicators that help us understand the inner workings of the land.

Do you ever wonder how plants and animals can time when to bloom, hibernate, migrate, and mate at the same point in the season year after year? Unlike us, plants and animals don’t have access to printed phenology calendars to help them know ahead of time when to prepare for a new seasonal event. Instead, they rely on ecology—on their ability to tune into their physical surroundings and use environmental clues to give them a sense of seasonal time. Each month of the 2019 calendar features a narrative curated by Senior Fellow Stan Temple highlighting the ecological factors behind one of these iconic phenological events—such as how cooler temperatures and less daylight lead to brilliant displays of leaves changing colors in the fall.

This year’s calendar combines science and art in true Leopoldian fashion, offering daily reminders of the wonder of nature and all that we might find within it. Each page provides an ecological insight into an iconic phenological event, alongside beautiful photographs generously donated by local photographers and classic quotes sampling Leopold’s eloquent writings. Don’t wait— get yours today!

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