Mar. 24-25:
Woodland School: Intro to Prescribed Fire

Mar. 31-Apr. 1:
Woodland School: Intro to Prescribed Fire

Apr. 9:
Woodland School: Forest Soils and Geology

Green Fire Events 

Feb. 25:
Vallejo, CA

Feb. 28:
Berkeley, CA

Mar. 1-6:
Wisconsin Premiere Week

Mar. 19:
Washington, DC

Apr. 8-10:
Burlington, IA

Apr. 19:
Denver, CO

Apr. 20:
Missoula, MT

Apr. 22:
Ft. Collins, CO

Apr. 26:
Portland, OR

The Woodland School

In the coming year, we are offering an array of Woodland School classes to advance your land stewardship practice, from the classics—chainsaw safety, prescribed fire—to new opportunities like birding the Leopold Memorial Reserve with experts. We hope you'll let one pique your curiosity and join us in the field!

Support the Work of the Foundation

Become a key partner in helping us spread the land ethic, advance the science of land health, preserve the Leopold shack and farm, and train new leaders for the future of conservation. Join today!

Visiting the Leopold Center

The Leopold Center began winter hours on Nov. 1. Open hours will be Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm until April 25, 2011.


The Outlook e-Newsletter

February 2011

Green Fire Sells Out Two Theaters in Albuquerque!

Thank you to all our partners and volunteers who helped to make the World Premiere of Green Fire in Albuquerque a HUGE success!! The film event proved to be so popular that we added a second simultaneous screening at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. Both theaters were sold out, with a total audience of around 900 people! We were both delighted and humbled to see the energy and enthusiasm surrounding this film, and that excitement is proving to continue as we are anticipating sell-out crowds at our California and Wisconsin venues as well. Get your tickets now and join us for these exciting events!

See a slideshow of the Albuquerque premiere on our Facebook page.

Get more information on all of our upcoming premieres.

Screen Green Fire in Your Community

Many people have already contacted us with requests to show Green Fire to audiences in their own communities--thank you! In response to these requests, we have developed a public screening kit which you may purchase for $150. Each kit includes a screening license giving you permission to show the film to an audience an unlimited number of times, a DVD or Blu-ray disc of the film, and publicity materials to help you get the word out about your event. Order your screening kit today!

ALF Executive Director Attends White House Event

''Buddy Huffaker, the Aldo Leopold Foundation's executive director, joined the elite of our country's conservation leaders at the White House on Feb. 16 for a briefing on the America's Great Outdoors initiative. President Barack Obama unveiled the Administration's action plan to achieve lasting conservation of the outdoor spaces that power our nation's economy, shape our culture, and build our outdoor traditions. Huffaker attended the launch of this initiative last April and was impressed that the president was making conservation a priority.  "Since healthy land is critical to providing us with all of our wealth and health, it's about time that conservation and sustainability becomes a national priority," Huffaker stated. America's Great Outdoors Initiative will reinvigorate our approach to conservation and reconnect Americans, especially young people, with the lands and waters that are used for farming and ranching, hunting and fishing, and for families to spend quality time together. Watch the President's speech.

Leopold Weekend: Coming to a Community Near You!

Every year, Aldo Leopold Weekend takes place on the first weekend in March across Wisconsin. This year marks the 8th annual statewide celebration. Now, communities across the country are beginning to adopt the celebration--this year we are proud to help support events in Arkansas, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Texas! We hope you'll join an event close to your home this year to read and discuss Leopold with your community.

If you can't find an event nearby, please consider sponsoring your own next year! Get in touch with us for materials and ideas on how to get your community involved. Leopold Weekend events are one great way to reconnect people and nature.

Thank you to Boldt Construction for their continued support of Leopold Weekend events across Wisconsin and the nation this year!

Dear Birders...

The Aldo Leopold Foundation is looking for moderate to experienced birders to volunteer with us this spring  and summer to conduct a series of breeding bird surveys on the Leopold-Pine Island Important Bird Area. This 15,000 acre IBA along the Wisconsin River is home to over 100 bird species and unique habitats that provide exceptional bird-watching opportunities. An introduction to the IBA, training session and distribution of materials will be held the second weekend in April for interested and committed volunteers.  Other birding opportunities include joining ALF staff in conducting Red-shouldered Hawk, amphibian, owl, marshbirds and woodcock surveys along designated roadside routes within the IBA. If interested in helping to survey the IBA or participating in the roadside surveys, please contact Jen Simoni by email or (608)355-0279 ext. 32. Check out our website for more information.

Welcome to Our New Interns!

We are delighted to welcome our two new Land Stewardship interns who will be joining us for the 2011 field season!

Dylan Kirk
Most of my memories as a child revolve around the outdoors. Fishing trips with my father, summers spent in Michigan doing all sorts of fun things, from catching frogs to roasting marshmallows, and even a great westward family road trip reminiscent of Lewis and Clark. When it came time to choose a school to attend for my undergraduate degree, I fell in love with the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Its ample access to outdoor recreation and attentive professors insured my growth as a natural resource professional. While in attendance my knowledge of ecological issues thrived and a moral principle that every individual should have a chance to bond with nature was developed. While working with the Aldo Leopold Foundation I hope to contribute my knowledge on many conservation issues. In particular, diversifying and enhancing the quality of prairie plantings to make them more reflective of remnant sites, and creating attainable solutions for the suppression of invasive species on private land holdings are focuses of mine. When not working I enjoy the outdoors in a different way, backpacking, fishing, and photography are among my favorite pastimes. I look forward to furthering my skills over the next year and am excited to meet all of you!

Amanda Reininger
I am both excited and honored to be joining the staff at the Aldo Leopold Foundation with a land stewardship internship. I was born and raised in the City of Port Washington, Wisconsin; a small lakeshore community approximately twenty miles north of Milwaukee. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin of Stevens Point (UWSP) in December of 2010, earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and a minor in Geology. I truly enjoy the outdoors, and some of my favorite activities include: swimming, running, fishing, snow-shoeing, camping, hiking, and working out. Studying and participating in land conservation programs is integral in understanding the importance of restoring and maintaining natural environments. I believe that expanding our knowledge and awareness relative to the importance of restoring land to its natural state and maintaining these environments may also help us gain a greater understanding of their influence on the animal and plant communities that rely on them for subsistence. This opportunity will give me the hands-on field work experience that will compliment my education.

Help us Take the Land Ethic on the Road!

Do you have a gently used minivan that no longer fits your lifestyle? Are you hoping it can still be put to good use? We are looking for a vehicle to replace our old van "George" who had an unfortunate encounter with a deer a couple of months ago. As we begin hitting the road with Green Fire over the next few months, having a working van to help us transport staff, merchandise, and educational materials from one screening to another would be a tremendous asset. Our old van also frequently transported visitors to and from the Leopold Shack in the summer, rather than having each person drive there individually. Please contact us if you have a vehicle you might be willing to donate!