Meet the Film Team

Green Fire was produced in partnership between the Aldo Leopold Foundation, the US Forest Service, and the Center for Humans and Nature.

Dr. Curt Meine, On-Screen Guide

Curt is a conservation biologist and writer based in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. He received his bachelor’s degree in English and History from DePaul University in Chicago and his graduate degrees in Land Resources from the Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His doctoral dissertation was a biography of Aldo Leopold, published as Aldo Leopold:  His Life and Work (University of Wisconsin Press, 1988). Curt currently serves as Director of Conservation Biology and History for the Center for Humans and Nature, as senior fellow with the Aldo Leopold Foundation in Baraboo, Wisconsin, and as research associate with the International Crane Foundation. He is also active locally as a founding member of the Sauk Prairie Conservation Alliance in Sauk County, Wisconsin.

Steven Dunsky, Director and Ann Dunsky, Editor

Steve & Ann Dunsky have written, directed and edited films and videos for more than twenty years.   As producers for the U.S. Forest Service,  their programs cover a wide range of conservation issues. In 2005, they produced the award-winning history of the Forest Service called The Greatest Good along with their colleague Dave Steinke.  In 2010, they completed an independent documentary called Butterflies & Bulldozers about a nationally and historically significant conservation in battle in the San Francisco Bay Area, where they live.


David Steinke, Director

Dave is currently assistant director for public affairs in the U.S. Forest Service’s Rocky Mountain Region. A 26-year veteran of the agency, Steinke runs the Region’s Creative Services Department, which produces videotapes, presentations, exhibits and Web content and oversees some training and meeting facilitation. Steinke also has been involved with fire for his entire Forest Service career and is currently qualified as a fire photographer and Type I Incident Information Officer, a position in which he provides information officer training.

Stephen Most, Writer

Stephen is the writer/producer of the documentary River of Renewal, which won the "best documentary feature" award at the American Indian Film Festival, and the author of River of Renewal, Myth and History in the Klamath Basin, published by the University of Washington Press. Documentary films he has scripted or co-written include Oil On Ice, about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; The Greatest Good, a history of the U. S. Forest Service, and Green Fire: Aldo Leopold and a Land Ethic for Our Time. Wonders of Nature, which he wrote for the Great Wonders of the World series, won an Emmy for best special non-fiction program. The Bridge So Far: A Suspense Story, won a best-documentary Emmy. Promises, on which he worked as consulting writer and researcher, won Emmys for best documentary and outstanding background analysis and research and was nominated for an Academy Award. Berkeley in the Sixties, which Most co-wrote, also received an Academy Award nomination for best documentary.


Green Fire Today

Green Fire features the work of many individuals and organizations who have interpreted Aldo Leopold's ideas in diverse ways, incorporating them into their own work today. As Leopold himself realized, he could never fully articulate what he conceived of as a "land ethic" because "nothing so important as an ethic is ever written... it evolves in the minds of the thinking community." Explore some of the people and projects that appear in the film.