Green Fire Partners

The Aldo Leopold Foundation staff and board would like to thank the following organizations and individuals who have invested generously in the future of Green Fire. We are grateful for your dedication to this project, the foundation, and Leopold's land ethic. If you haven't already, please consider joining the people and organizations below by adding your support to the project at a level appropriate for you. Thank you!

Kohler Trust for Preservation

Susan L Flader
Ruth DeYoung Kohler

USDA Forest Service
National Fish & Wildlife Fnd
Nina L. Bradley Estate
RDK Foundation
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Estella B. Leopold
The Boldt Company

Leo and Kay Drey
Forrest D Hartmann
Peter D. and Nora Stent

Humanities Iowa
Anthony Anella
David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Craig and Michelle Larson
Buddy and Marcy Huffaker
Wiconsin Humanities Council
The Bullitt Foundation

Claude Kazanski and Madelyn Leopold
Derse Foundation
Carol Skornicka
David and Sandra Malone
Josephine Nixon
Eileen and Paul LeFort
Virginia A. Metcalf
Jennifer Stanley
Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region
George S. Nolte, Jr
State of New Mexico, Bernalillo County
Sharon Dana
Ken and Jean Swenson
Culver's VIP Foundation, Inc.
Lynn Leopold
T Leverett Nelson
Agrisystems International
John Wright
P. Wayne and Jane B. Goode
Marie S McCabe
Peter and Joan Ziegler
Bekah Kate's, LLC
Community First Bank
Holly F. and Albert M. D'Annunzio
Don and Barb Brown
First Business Bank
Grey Towers Heritage Association Inc.
Inga V. Hagge
Helminski Family
Gail Holmes
Bud and Dottie Huffaker
Alan and Ruth Keitt
Jeanette Leehr and Terrance Carlson
Gene E. and Phyllis Likens
Tim and Jan Hoeksema
John Rogner and Sue Elston
Conserve School
Organic Valley
Lois and Ken Templeton
Jon and Peggy Traver
USDA Forest Service/Columbia River Gorge

Madison Gas and Electric
Dan and Karen Baumann
Thomas Patterson
Eugene M. Roark
University of California
Dale and Carol Baumgartner
Don-Rick Inc
Luann Sewell Waters
Reginald H. Barrett
Dave and Anne Marie Kittredge
James and Liesa Kerler
Frances Beinecke-Elston
Michael P. and Pat Dombeck
Conn and Shari Huffaker
Bryan G. Norton
Pheasants Forever Southeast Wisconsin Chapter
Pheasants Forever, Inc. Outagamie County Chapter #792
Terrie and Dale Pohjola
Jason R. Spaeth
Howard and Kyoko Wandell
Tom and Kate Wilson
Marge Winski
Marion Egan
Leo Walsh
Donald Worster
Pomona College
Jeannine Richards
Jeff Brigham
International Crane Foundation
Carl Meine
Ron and Earlene Persche
Joann Ringelstetter
John and Donna Taapken
Kathleen J. Blaser
Bosque School
Friends of Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge
Gathering Waters
Harvard Forest - Harvard University
Ron Miller
Don and Kathy Miner
New Mexico Land Conservancy
Open Space Alliance
Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative
Ozaukee Washington Land Trust, Inc.
Pheasants Forever, Inc. - Sauk County Chapter #97
Pheasants Forever, Inc. Fox Valley Chapter #585
Virginia Smith
The Prairie Enthusiasts, Inc.
UW Arboretum
Wegner CPAs, LLP
Wegner LLP
WI Leopold Education Project
Wildside Adventure Company
Rich and Alma Shure
Cuna Mutual Group
Joel and Nancy Genisio
Paul and Wendy Greeney
Maria and Thom Gunn
Safavi Family
Gerald Paulson
Judith Roderick
Sabrina A. Summers
Mark and Peggy Timmerman
Don Waller
Daniel and Carol Wilson
Martha Hale
George Hazen
Salvor Jonsdottir and Jon Atli Arnason
Erv and Janet Klaas
Jane Lubchenco and Bruce Menge
Walter V. and Carolina K. Reid
Joanne M. Roberts
Susan A. Setterlin
James F. and Kathy Shurts
Helen B. Smith
Floyd Henschel
Jim and Joy Perry
Albuquerque Wildlife Federation
Aldo Leopold Audubon Society
Frances R. Appel
David M. Armstrong
Audubon Society of Greater Denver
Baraboo Range Preservation Assoc. Inc.
William and Susan Bicknell
James H. Bolitho
Nina Leopold Bradley
Hanna Calmon-Beeners
Charlie and Susan Carlson
David R Chesky
Nancy J. Coonridge
Bernie and Beth Dahl
Nancy Dahl
Robert W. Deitz
Ducks Unlimited - Highlands Ranch Chapter
Sid and Cheryl Goodloe
Jim Greenwood
Marilyn M. Grygo
Clyde Eggett and Karen L. Hagen
Lois S. Harris
Henry Vilas Zoological Society, Inc.
John Kalson
Dennis and Betty Keeney
Lowell Klessig
Robert G. Kuller
La Montanita Food Co-op
Roma E. Lenehan
Neal and Carole Lloyd
Steven and Martha Loewenthal
Jane & Steve Lupton
Madison Audubon Society
Charles and Banu Bungul McKinley
Jed Meunier and Tricia Fry
National Wildlife Federation
Neighborhood House of Milwaukee, Inc.
New Mexico Wilderness Alliance
Thomas H. Nicholls
Jim Pfitzer
Roland and Ruth Rueckert
Lester and Bonnie Schwartz
Kevin and Teresa Searock
Southwest Society of American Foresters
Paul and Andrea Speth
Gerald Stanek
Trish and Gordon Stevenson

The Nature Conservancy
The Quivira Coalition
The Wildlife Experience, Inc.
Karen A. Tibbitts
Amy Timm
Robert and Dorothy Towler
University of New Mexico
Kelley Van Egeren
Robert and Vicki Verrette
Marcia G. Warner
Wehr Nature Center
Carl and Carolyn Wenning
LaVon and Judy Worley
Don Yasuda
Joseph H and Lois J Yeakel
Tom Norris
James A. Rivers
Richard Stumpner
Doug and Debbie Haubert
Alan Anderson
Doug Schommer and Deb Bartelt
Ken M. Blomberg
Herman and Marlene Brockman
Walter L. Cook, Jr.
Dickson Despommier
Ann W. Dittmar
Robert Fisher
Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway
Friends of Ledge
Harrison and Evelyn Fry
Kennedy W. Gilchrist and Heidi Wilde
Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve
Kenneth and Marian Greenwood
Habitat for Humanity, Inc.
Hawley Family
John E. and Hermi D. Hiatt
Pat Hyde
Hugh H. Iltis
Wes and Joan Jackson
Jay and Dana Kemp
Gail Kemper
Donald Liesch
Mark Luthin
Molly and Rick Madden
Jerry M. Madison
Carson Main
Louis Mane
Rebecca Manlove
Curt D. Meine
Marion Meyer
Laura C. Miller
Duane Moore and Shelley Roberts
Mosquito Hill Nature Center
Ken and Mary Lou Neidhart
Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust
Jack Olson
Dr. Ronaldean Pawlisch
Ann F. Peckham
Lynn and Nancy Peterson
Jack and Shirley Pflederer
Roger and Consie Powell
Ashley Pryor
Michael L. Roach
Robert and Hutha Sayre
Craig and Liz Schlender
David Steingraeber and Carol Simmons
Scot Swenberg
Susan Sylvester
Marc and Marilyn Thwaits
Tom and Joan Voigt
Mary Eloisa and Richard Wallen
Thomas Wucherer
Gary and Connie Jo Zwettler
Elaine Hyde and Gary Richards
Arthur C. Haines
Gary Hayden
Susanne Moser
Josh and Sara Wall
Mike Haas and Debbie Woolf
John and Cathy Attig
Todd and Betty Berens
Tom and Patti Cameron
Patricia A. Clark
Allen and Jeanie Curtes
Don Ferber
Jeanne Flood
Patricia L. Geadelmann
Dana L. Jackson
Marvin Jensen
Richard L. Jordan
William and Corliss Karasov
John and Greta Magill
Roy and Julia Pekarske
Carol G. Rogers
David M. Rosin
Glen Salmon
Dan Shilling
Jocelyn Aycrigg and William Soybold
Kendra and Jerry Tutsch
Terry and Judy Valen
Richard Walley
Rob Rich
Anonymous Donations
Richard and Betsy Benz
Julia Black
Greg and Christine Devine
David P. Jenkins
Stephen and Nina Laubach
Frederic Leopold
Galen and Rose Smith
Bill Berry
Larry and Denise Brown
Frances Cassirer
Richard and Kim Cates
Andy Chikowski
Rebecca L. Gamboa
William Heindl
Janis F. Kornder
Wendy Leopold Wolf
Ron Martin
Nancy A. McGill
Ken Nichols
Phyllis H. Schmidt
Matt Schramm
Pamela Schuler
Douglas K. Sherow
Anthony and Fern Treglia
Mary Williams
Allen and Diana Fjelstad
Tom and Nancy Hunt
Ron and Amy Johnson
Shaili M Pfeiffer and Keith A Pollock
Stephen Poland
Jim and Diane Vagts
Rexford and Sonja White
Lara Winner
Tom LoGuidice

Thank You!