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Staff Profile: Alanna Koshollek

Name:  Alanna Koshollek             

Job Title:  Stewardship Coordinator

What is your educational and professional background? I have a degree in Forestry with an emphasis in Ecosystem Management and Restoration with a Conservation Biology Minor from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP).  While a student at UWSP, I participated in two international programs.  During two summers, I spent several months in Eastern Europe studying Natural Resources.  Issues ranged from geothermal energy use in Iceland to sustainable farming in Poland.  My favorite course was the silviculture course offered through the University of Freiburg in Germany; the field course took place within the Black Forest.  Before starting for ALF I worked seasonally for the US Forest Service in Bridgeport, California, doing vegetation surveys following a wildfire in the eastern Sierra mountains. 

Where are you originally from?  Hatley, Wisconsin

What brought you to work in the environmental field? Growing up on a small dairy farm in central Wisconsin instilled a land ethic within me at a young age; pursuing work in the conservation field seemed like a natural path.  This work is a way for me to combine my knowledge, interests, and passion into an enjoyable career.   

How long have you worked for ALF?  Since February 2005

What is your favorite part of your job? Working with private landowners; it is truly inspiring to see the dedication landowners have toward management of their property. 

What is the biggest challenge?  Management of invasive species; approximately 40% of my time is dedicated towards invasive species management.

How has working for ALF changed your thinking?  I now see the urgency in getting people of all ages in touch with land.  With familiarity and knowledge will come respect and hopefully in turn more conscientious choices when it comes to using our natural resources.

What is your favorite Leopold quote/essay? "The objective is to teach the student to see the land, to understand what he sees, and enjoy what he understands."