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Land Stewardship Resources

To help you on your land stewardship journey, we have put together a collection of useful resources in different topic areas, including some of our own policies and procedures that we use in managing the Leopold Memorial Reserve. Please click on one of the following choices:

Land Management Planning

Invasive Species

Prescribed Fire

Prairie Restoration

Forest Management


Financial Resources

Other Educational Opportunities and Information


Land Management Planning

***NEW*** Learn everything you need to know about how to hire a contractor to help you with your land management activities.

Use our Management Plan Template to get started on long term stewardship of your land. Download as a Microsoft Word document or as a PDF.

Ecological Landscapes Large scale ecological units delineated by the DNR based on a varitey of natural history characteristics.

EPA Ecoregions Similar to the Ecological Landscapes, this EPA delineation has maps and information for the whole US.

Wisconsin Natural Communities Definitions of the different plant communities throughout the state.

Wisconsin Wildlife Action Plan Find out about wildife on your property and how to manage habitat for species of concern.

L-THIA The Long-Term Hydrologic Impact Assessment is a modelling tool that lets you enter data on current and proposed land use to determine expected runoff, including specific information for heavy metals and other contaminants.

Global Warming in the Great Lakes Region A report by Union of Concerned Scientists for each of the Great Lakes states outlining what will be the biggest climate change threats locally in the next century.

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Invasive Species

Read the Garlic Mustard Management Protocol that we use on the Leopold Memorial Reserve:

Read our Report on the results of experimental Japanese Knotweed control in FACT area of Sauk/Columbia counties.

Read our 2008 Buckthorn Control Report

Invasive Species Control Options Sheets:

Invasive Species Web Resources:

DNR - Invasive Plants Where to find and how to identify and eradicate threats to Wisconsin's flora and fauna.

Invasipedia Information from the previous Nature Conservancy/UC Davis site now availabe as a wiki.

Invasive Plant Association of Wisconsin (IPAW) Has tons of great information on invasives and also a listserv for discussion of alien plant problems and solutions.

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Prescribed Fire

To help you in planning and conducting your burns, we would like to share resources to help you better understand how to accomplish your goals and objectives using prescribed fire.

Writing a burn plan?

If you are thinking about purchasing equipment, we have created a list of recommended equipment with the price range of what you can expect to spend on each piece.

Prescribed Fire Web Resources:

WDNR Burning Restrictions Find out the current fire danger level for your area and any restrictions currently in place. For information about getting a burn permit in Wisconsin click here.

NOAA Fire Weather An invaluable resource that should be consulted every time you think about lighting a match.

Wisconsin Prescribed Fire Council Offers trainings around the state and downloadable safety and planning forms.

Fire Effects Information System Find out all known positive and negative effects of fire on a vast number of plant and animals species nationwide.

Assessment Vegetation and Fuels Shows calculations for fuel moisture levels of different size fuels. Links to up-to-date maps showing moisture level of ten, hundred, and thousand hour fuels.

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Prairie Restoration

Before you begin restoring your land, it's important to understand what you already have. Look for Prairie and Savanna Indicators on your property, and use this checklist to keep track!

It may also help you use our Seed Collection Phenology to time your collecting for your restoration efforts (dates for Southern Wisconsin).

Plant Identification Web Resources:

Wisflora Checklist of Vascular Plants in Wisconsin This is a wonderful site maintained by the Wisconsin State Herbarium at UW-Madison. You can search for plants by common or Latin name, family or habitat type. You can see all of the counties in the state that each plant is known to exist in, as well as wonderful pictures of the plant at different life stages to help you confirm your identification.

Robert W. Feckmann Herbarium This UWSP website has very helpful identification guides with questionaire forms that help you to key out species using a series of questions.

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Forest Management

Tree Identification Resources:

Online Tree Identification Guide from the Arbor Day Foundation. An online dichotomous key to walk you through the identification process. Also available for mobile devices.

iPod Key to Woody Plants Use technology to your advantage in the field! This free resources is an easy-to-use guide to the woody plants of Wisconsin with photos of numerous features for each plant, including buds, bark, leaves, and more.

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Robinson Map Library Holds original maps and survey records for most parts of Wisconsin. You can locate notes for your property by searching township and range. A great way to know what your land looked like prior to European settlement.

Web Soil Survey NRCS mapping tool that can tell you a huge amount about the soil and hydrologic characteristics of your property to help inform your management decisions.

DNR Interactive Mappling Applications DNR provides a number of interactive maps that can help you to learn more about the characteristics of your own property.

Natural Heritage Inventory Maps The NHI is a statewide inventory of KNOWN locations and conditions of rare and endangered species.

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Financial Resources

Landowner Incentive Program A program sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to help landowners protect rare species on their land.

Wisconsin NRCS Conservation Programs The Natural Resources Conservation Service offers a number of different financial and technical assistance programs for private landowners. This site includes a description of the programs, including CRP, CREP, EQIP, WHIP and WRP.

Gathering Waters Conservancy Information about land trusts, conservation easements, and other options.

DNR Managed Forest Law How to enroll in MFL and become Tree Farm certified for sustainable forestry.

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Other Educational Offerings and Information

Master Woodland Stewards Program offered jointly through UWSP and Wisconsin DNR, the MWS is an intensive program for woodland owners wishing to play a larger role in the management of their land. This six-seminar series is offered in various locations around the state.

University of Wisconsin Arboretum The arboretum offers many wonderful naturalist classes to get you started on identifying the world around you.

Kickapoo Valley Reserve offers a range of educational programming for adults and children, including summer classes for credit.

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