My Healthy Woods Handbooks

We are pleased to present you with My Healthy Woods: A Handbook for Family Woodland Owners. We have produced guides for:

  • Southwest Wisconsin
  • Southern Arkansas (currently out of stock)
  • Southeastern Minnesota (currently out of stock)

We wanted the handbooks to be:
Easy to read: we avoided technical words that lose readers at every turn.
Informative: we covered many topics and provided additional resources for more information.
Inspirational: we used images, quotes, and stories from real landowners, so that you know you’re not alone.

Our future enjoyment of a rich and beautiful landscape is only guaranteed through action. We hope that this handbook will help you see new opportunities to care for your land.

For a copy of the handbook, please contact Jen Simoni at or 608-355-0279, ext. 32.


The handbooks were produced in partnership with the American Forest Foundation's Center for Conservation Solutions.