LEP Resources

The Leopold Education Project has an assortment of resources for teachers and non-formal educators to help bring Leopold into their lessons and activities. These resources are available in our bookstore or by taking an LEP Educator Workshop. Look in our Calendar of Events for workshops near you. If you don't see one listed, contact the State Coordinator in your state to make arrangements for one.

Habitat Discovery Series (2015)

The LEP Habitat Discovery Series is designed for use by non-formal educators who want to introduce their students to various habitats, using Aldo Leopold’s inquiry-based method of teaching and learning. The five booklets in this series address desert, forest, wetland, urban, and prairie ecosystems. Each laminated booklet consists of an ecosystem overview, two lesson plans that address habitat, and two lesson plans that address wildlife. Each lesson includes audience, time needed, learning objectives, background information, material lists, procedures, and additional extensions. Forest booklets are currently out of stock. Order desert, wetland, urban, and prairie booklets in our bookstore.

Leopold Education Project Exploration Cards (2013)

An updated version of the previous LEP Task Cards! A set of 28 cards for educators to use as prompts in helping people of all ages explore the outdoors. Each card features a different activity based on essays from A Sand County Almanac. Order in our bookstore.



Exploring the Outdoors with Aldo Leopold (2009)

Exploring the Outdoors with Aldo Leopold was created as part of the Leopold Education Project to get youth and their families outdoors learning about nature. The hands-on activities are designed to teach observation skills, plant and animal identification, natural history, land stewardship, and outdoors skills. Each one is based on an essay from Aldo Leopold’s classic book, A Sand County Almanac. The 16 activities are organized by themes and include background information, a list of supplies, procedure cards, and handouts. The CD also includes a slide presentation to teach digital photography. This activity guide can be used by interpreters, naturalists, park rangers, zoo educators, teachers, youth group leaders, and others who want to offer a unique learning experience in an outdoor setting.Order in our bookstore.


Lessons in a Land Ethic (1994)

This Leopold Education Project curriculum guide consists of 21 lesson plans designed to align with the essays found in Aldo Leopold’s conservation classic, A Sand County Almanac. Each lesson includes learning objectives, vocabulary, material lists, procedures, additional extensions and student worksheets that have both indoor and outdoor activity options. Order in our bookstore.



Lessons in GPS Technology (2009)

Get your students studying nature using modern technology! The 11 lessons in this new 32-page curriculum will help you teach your students to use GPS receivers and put those skills to use to navigate, track, follow an animal’s path, learn about wildlife, explore an area and construct a map and evaluate different ecological communities. Each lesson includes a quote from A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold, learning outcomes, background information, packing list and a detailed explanation of how to use the lesson to engage, explore, explain and evaluate. Have fun exploring and learning outdoors! Order in our bookstore.