October 13: DTour Discussion

October 18-19: Land Ethic Leaders

October 21: DTour Discussion

October 26:
Brown Bag: Martin Thoms

October 27:
Art Day

October 27:
Woodland School: Trail Building

November 11: Gus Speth at Wisconsin Book Festival

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October 18-19:
Baraboo, WI
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Nov. 14-16:
Lacombe, LA
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October 2012

Aldo Leopold's Dawn Chorus

"Like other great landowners, I have tenants. ... at every daybreak from April to July they proclaim their boundaries to each other, and so acknowledge, at least by inference, their fiefdom to me." -Aldo Leopold, "Great Possessions"

In his essay "Great Possessions," Aldo Leopold wrote about the birdsong progression he heard each morning outside his Shack. But what did it actually sound like? And do we hear the same dawn chorus today? Dr. Stan Temple, renowned ornithologist and senior fellow at the Aldo Leopold Foundation, and Christopher Bocast, a UW-Madison Nelson Institute graduate student and acoustic ecologist, have used Leopold's detailed field notes to investigate these questions. Using the data Leopold recorded about the birdsong he heard each morning and their timing, Temple and Bocast were able to recreate the Shack's morning soundscape circa 1940. They used audio recordings of bird calls Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Macaulay Library to piece together what Leopold would have heard. Today's dawn chorus at the Shack sounds quite different--due to changes in species composition and habitat, but also, notably, to the interstate highway that can now be heard at the Shack throughout the day and night.

Join us for Art Day!

Saturday, October 27th, 10am - 4pm

Please join us for this year's Art Day event! This event will feature presentations, demonstrations, and time for individual interaction with each artist. With these talented artisans as a guide, we hope to inspire people to think more critically about the ways their lives impact the natural world, and how art inspires them to deepen that connection. Art Day is in its fifth year. Each fall it draws a growing crowd of community members to the Leopold Center for a day of viewing and discussing art and inspiration with a wide range of talented artists and artisans from across the region. Please join us at the Leopold Center and meet:

  • Jim Backus
  • Alan Bennett
  • Homer Daehn
  • Janet Flynn
  • Christl Iausly
  • Kathleen Jahn
  • Jill Metcoff
  • David Ogren
  • Rebecca Power
  • Kim Russell
  • Dwayne Sperber
  • Peggy Timmerman
  • Mary Williams and Mimi Wuest

Read more about these artists on our website.

September's class of Land Ethic Leaders helped us to peel the bark off Leopold pine trees that will be used to reinforce our stewardship workshop building. You can join us for Land Ethic Leaders in October!

Crane Watching on the Wisconsin River

Every fall, thousands of sandhill cranes use the sandbars and islands in the Wisconsin River for staging prior to migration. Seeing and hearing these spectacular congregations of birds is an absolutely incredible experience. The river just behind the Aldo Leopold Shack and Farm property provides the most premier vantage point for crane viewing available in the region. This fall, the Aldo Leopold Foundation is hosting several special crane viewing events at the Shack. Join us for this breathtaking wildlife experience! This experience is free for Foundation members, $20 for non-members. Each date is limited to 30 people. Advance registration is required. Aldo Leopold member registration is open now, non-member registration begins on October 8. You can become a member on the registration form. Hurry, spots are filling up fast!

Dates and Details:

Friday, October 19
: 4:30pm - 6:30pm (hosted with Dr. Stan Temple) FULL!
Monday, October 22: 4:30pm - 6:30pm (hosted with Dr. Stan Temple)
NEW! Saturday, October 27: 4:30pm - 6:30pm (hosted with Steve Swenson)
Tuesday October 30: 4:15pm - 6:15 pm (hosted with Dr. Stan Temple)

Land Ethic Leaders Scholarships Available

We still have some scholarships available for several of our upcoming Land Ethic Leaders workshops. Are you a Wisconsin resident? Check out our scholarships from the Wisconsin Environmental Education Board. Are you a student between the ages of 16-25? Check out our scholarships from the National Conservation Training Center. Apply today! You can still join us for our October workshop or take part in 2013!

October 18-19: Leopold Center, Baraboo, WI
February 28- March 1, 2013: Albuquerque, NM
August 8-9, 2013: Leopold Center, Baraboo, WI

Register today!

Aldo Leopold Lecture in New Mexico

Inaugural Aldo & Estella Leopold Residency Lecture

Thursday, Oct. 18, 6:30-8:30 pm, Tres Piedras, New Mexico
Courtney White, Co-founder and Executive Director of the Quivira Coalition will present The Land Ethic in the 21st Century: a View from Aldo Leopold's "Mia Casita" in Tres Piedras, the product of his residency at Leopold's historic house. The purpose of the Aldo & Estella Leopold Residency is to provide an inspiring retreat for distinguished and emerging writers to reflect and to create in the physical context of Leopold's "Mia Casita" in the Carson National Forest of northern New Mexico and in the intellectual context of land ethics. Learn more about Courtney's lecture here.

You may also be interested in the Quivira Coalition's upcoming Annual Conference, Nov. 14-16: How to Feed Nine Billion People From the Ground Up: Soil, Seeds, Water, Plants, Livestock, Forests, Organics, and People

Follow Our Invasive Species Protocols on Your Land

Have you even gotten discouraged by the seemingly constant take-over of invasive species?  Our Aldo Leopold Foundation interns have been hard at work controlling invasive species on our property for months. They have taken the time to write-up their annual management reports.  Our stewardship crew continues to develop and refine specific methods for tackling invasive species, and  these documents highlight their procedures for controlling buckthorn, garlic mustard, and Japanese hedge-parsley.  Each report contains visuals, including photographs, charts, and tables, and written descriptions to help other landowners begin assessing and implementing invasive species control projects on their own woodlands.  Take a look and see for yourself!         

Woodland School: Trail Planning

Erica WheelerThinking about installing trails on your property, but don’t know where to put them? Let an expert help! Tim Malzhan from the Ice Age Trail Alliance (IATA) will provide you with basic information you need to know to install trails that are both sustainable and reduce erosion. Other topics covered will include trail layout and design, site analysis, measuring techniques and basic construction. The course will finish with a hike around the Leopold Center to discuss current trail conditions and recommendations. Happy Trails!

Saturday, October 27th, 2012
Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Location: Leopold Center, Baraboo
Class Limit: Min. 15, Max. 25
Cost: $55 ($45 members)

Visit us on the Farm/Art DTour!

October 12-21: Reedsburg, WI

The Aldo Leopold Foundation is partnering with the Wormfarm Institute to host a Roadside Culture Stand along the Farm/Art DTour this fall. This is a component of the larger Fermentation Fest event. Fermentation breaks down complex compounds into more simple substances, releasing energy in the process. Come and visit us at map stop #39 to learn how our Land Ethic Leaders are "fermenting" Leopold's land ethic and releasing energy back in their home communities in various ways. You can also get a taste of the Land Ethic Leaders program yourself. Our staff will be leading reflective discussions about how the art along the DTour route relates to the key questions at the heart of Leopold's land ethic idea -- Why do we care about the land? Why does it matter and to whom? How can people in urban areas maintain a connection to the landscape? Discussions will take place on Saturday, Oct. 13 at 11:30am-12:30pm and Sunday, Oct. 21 at 12pm-1pm.

National Walk in the Forest Day

The Aldo Leopold Foundation is partnering with Arington Tree Farm to host "National Walk in the Forest Day" on Friday, October 19. You are invited to attend the celebration along with students from Walbridge School in Madison. Take a woods walk and learn how to identify trees using technology to verify your identification. Land Ethic Leaders Holly Schnitzler and Arik Duhr will facilitate a discussion on "Stewardship & Your Community," introducing the audience to Aldo Leopold's land ethic approach. The afternoon will include a work project where you can participate in invasive species removal and site prep. National Walk in the Forest Day is a celebration of the wonder of nature and an opportunity for people of all ages to appreciate forests and all the benefits forests provide. The day is promoted by the Society of American Foresters and American Forest Foundation. Arington Tree Farm, located near Cambridge, includes 400 acres of mature and new plantings of walnut, oak, hickory, cherry, spruce and pine, amongst crop fields, creeks, ponds and gentle hills. The farm strives to promote a land ethic of sustainability and stewardship. Contact Holly Schnitzler at Arington Tree Farm for more information. We hope you can join us!